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Un-Fair Campaign condones supporter’s hateful comments

Those of you who have been following the Un-Fair Campaign Facebook page are well aware of a strong debate that has ensued in the past week as a result of their response to our billboard. Several supporters on each side have participated in this 100+ comment argument, where there has been anger, judgment, hostility and quite a bit of name-calling. Everyone is invited to view the conversation on the UC’s Facebook page (as long as it’s not deleted – we have a copy of it that we’ll post here if it “disappears”).

Much of the conversation has centered around the hateful insults made by one of their supporters. It has been pointed out that the name-calling and other insults are in violation of their user policy, also found on their site, and should be deleted. The Un-Fair Campaign has let them remain, stating this: “The decisions made on this site are ours to make. We understand that you disagree with them.”

So the UC was questioned: “So by allowing hateful comments to remain, does that mean you support and condone comments such as the ones (he) posts?” Read more