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Debunking the Un-Fair Campaign Myths – Part 1

The Un-Fair Campaign claims they are an anti-racism campaign. Are they, or are they an arm of the liberal/progressive agenda seeking more votes for the Democratic party? The truth of this is revealed in the links they provide on their website and the organizations they condone and support.

This series of posts will take their website, external link by external link, and explain who the organizations are that the campaign supports, reveal the revisionist historical claims being made and add the details that have been omitted, expose their agenda, and debunk the myths they form the campaign around.

On their website, click on “Taking Action.” The reader is urged to “Use the resources listed below to learn more.” The first resource is labeled “Learn how white privilege has historically disadvantaged people of color.” And when the reader clicks on that link they are directed to the AltoArizona website. Read more