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Call to Action: Display our own “Community Stand Against Racism” sign.

The Un-Fair Campaign has made available on their website a simple anti-racism sign for the community to download, display and share.

We fully support ending racism in our community. However, that includes ending the Un-Fair Campaign itself, as an unwelcome, divisive and intrinsically racist presence that continues to ignore the significantly negative public response to stop and desist since it began, one year ago.

We have yet to hear the report that was to come out in October and detail how it has benefited the Duluth community. It was postponed, and they decided to ask community voices to share their thoughts, continuing to ignore the many voices that continue to express their rejection of the campaign.

Therefore, we call the community to action, to display our own “Stop the Un-Fair Campaign” posters. Display them next to the Un-Fair Campaign’s posters where you see them (as long as they are displayed legally!). Display them anywhere else you see fit as well. It’s an alternative to following the misguided Un-Fair Campaign.

Our message of ending the racism that tax dollars help to fund in Duluth needs to be heard.

Download the Stop Un-Fair Campaign Sign/Flyer