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Un-Fair Campaign’s anti-racism approach likely backfires and increases discrimination, according to research


The Un-Fair Campaign has not yet presented any research indicating that their anti-racism approach actually reduces racism. The report they recently came out with on April 8th, 2013 provided numbers including “Facebook likes” and “attendance at community events,” but nothing indicating that their campaign has actually reduced racism and racial disparities in the Duluth community, or that it is effectively doing so.

We, on the other hand, are presenting research that their approach actually increases bias and discrimination, therefore having the opposite, unintended effect.

A recent Dutch study found that anti-racism instruction in schools actually increases discrimination:

“Children who are given anti-racism lessons in school are more likely to be intolerant outside the classroom, a major study found yesterday. Read more

Call to Action: Display our own “Community Stand Against Racism” sign.


The Un-Fair Campaign has made available on their website a simple anti-racism sign for the community to download, display and share.

We fully support ending racism in our community. However, that includes ending the Un-Fair Campaign itself, as an unwelcome, divisive and intrinsically racist presence that continues to ignore the significantly negative public response to stop and desist since it began, one year ago.

We have yet to hear the report that was to come out in October and detail how it has benefited the Duluth community. It was postponed, and they decided to ask community voices to share their thoughts, continuing to ignore the many voices that continue to express their rejection of the campaign.

Therefore, we call the community to action, to display our own “Stop the Un-Fair Campaign” posters. Display them next to the Un-Fair Campaign’s posters where you see them (as long as they are displayed legally!). Display them anywhere else you see fit as well. It’s an alternative to following the misguided Un-Fair Campaign.

Our message of ending the racism that tax dollars help to fund in Duluth needs to be heard.

Download the Stop Un-Fair Campaign Sign/Flyer

Un-Fair Campaign condones supporter’s hateful comments


Those of you who have been following the Un-Fair Campaign Facebook page are well aware of a strong debate that has ensued in the past week as a result of their response to our billboard. Several supporters on each side have participated in this 100+ comment argument, where there has been anger, judgment, hostility and quite a bit of name-calling. Everyone is invited to view the conversation on the UC’s Facebook page (as long as it’s not deleted – we have a copy of it that we’ll post here if it “disappears”).

Much of the conversation has centered around the hateful insults made by one of their supporters. It has been pointed out that the name-calling and other insults are in violation of their user policy, also found on their site, and should be deleted. The Un-Fair Campaign has let them remain, stating this: “The decisions made on this site are ours to make. We understand that you disagree with them.”

So the UC was questioned: “So by allowing hateful comments to remain, does that mean you support and condone comments such as the ones (he) posts?” Read more

Un-Fair Response and Achievement Gap Programs


We have a response from the Un-Fair Campaign about our new billboard:

“It would be weird to not address this on this page. However, we don’t want to be baited into a never ending conversation about what racism is, whether or not white privilege exists, or any of the other circular conversations that have been unproductive here.
So, here’s our stand: “embracing diversity” is lovely and makes us all feel good inside. However, it does not close achievement gaps, it does not lessen health disparities, and it will not end racism in our community. The only way to work towards equity in our Community is to change the systems that perpetuate it. The only way to do this is to have tough conversations. That’s what the Unfair Campaign is all about and we have made a lot of progress. We are working on a report to tell the public what we have done to end racism in Duluth. We have come a long way, but not nearly far enough. Anyone who wants to join us is welcome. “

So there you have it Duluth, according to this new social justice group, white privilege is settled fact and their definition of racism is the only acceptable definition – someone please alert Webster and .

We’re looking forward to this report the Un-Fair Campaign has been promising. We’re especially curious what a $7000+ speaking engagement from racialist, Tim Wise, has done to bring equality to Duluth. More on that later.

The words, “Embrace Diversity,” may not close achievement gaps, however, Duluthians were told the following programs would:
-The Office of Education Equity and their programs:
-K.E.Y Zone: School Age Child Care, Academic & Enrichment Program – Knowledge * Enrichment * Youth Development:
-Parents and Students Succeeding (PASS)
- Youth of Duluth:
-Title 1 – Office of Funded Programs:
-Federal Title Programs:
-Duluth Public Schools Families in Transition Program
-Sustainable Duluth Public Schools
-American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Grant Program:
-Statewide System of Support (SSOS):
-Early Learning Programs:
-English Learner Program:
-Food and Nutrition Program:
-Special Education Programs:
-YMCA Out of School Programs:

I’m confident I’ve missed several programs but you get the idea.

In this article, dated 31 October 2010, we learn:

“All but one of the 12 new Duluth school district integration specialists are black, American Indian or Hispanic. Their job is to work with more than 500 students of color from every grade level who are deemed at-risk because of low test scores.
The hiring of these employees is a new effort to close the achievement gap – the big disparity in test scores and graduation rates between students of color and white students. In 2009, the graduation rate for black students in Duluth public schools was 49 percent and the rate for American Indian students was 34 percent. White students graduated at a rate of 80 percent.”

Are these programs working, Duluth? If they are, why then would we need yet another one? If they aren’t, should tax money continue to fund programs that aren’t delivering what they promised?

This is what happens when social justice money comes available. Many well intentioned and some not so well intentioned people get in the way of that money with some new, great idea. White privilege is the Un-Fair Campaign’s great idea. One that is sweeping the country with expensive workshops and inviting in expensive speakers to deliver the message to the white members of our communities. “If you are white, you have advantages that others don’t even with all of the above programs available.” Equal opportunity is not enough for these Community Organizing groups, they want to see equal outcomes. Duluth, you are an equal opportunity city. But you are also a free city in the great State of Minnesota. How can a free city or a free country guarantee equal outcomes?

Our first billboard!


On September 4, 2012, the Stop Un-Fair Campaign, a grassroots effort to counter and end Duluth-based Un-Fair Campaign, releases its first billboard on Central Entrance.

The billboard was created and funded by members of the group, which began in January as the Facebook group “Stop Racist Un-Fair Campaign.”  

A photographer for Second Chance Photography, a studio in Duluth, took the photo of two hands forming the shape of one heart, each hand representing a different race in our community. The hands are of two 4-year-old girls who live in Duluth.

The purpose of the billboard is to send the message to Duluth residents that the Un-Fair Campaign is a racist campaign that targets and divides people by race instead of bringing unity and togetherness, and that there are many who believe in a more positive and unifying solution to racism. The supporters of the Stop Un-Fair Campaign believe that to end racism, we must celebrate and embrace diversity, and that targeting white people, or any one race, “defaces” it.