Our first billboard!


On September 4, 2012, the Stop Un-Fair Campaign, a grassroots effort to counter and end Duluth-based Un-Fair Campaign, releases its first billboard on Central Entrance.

The billboard was created and funded by members of the group, which began in January as the Facebook group “Stop Racist Un-Fair Campaign.”  

A photographer for Second Chance Photography, a studio in Duluth, took the photo of two hands forming the shape of one heart, each hand representing a different race in our community. The hands are of two 4-year-old girls who live in Duluth.

The purpose of the billboard is to send the message to Duluth residents that the Un-Fair Campaign is a racist campaign that targets and divides people by race instead of bringing unity and togetherness, and that there are many who believe in a more positive and unifying solution to racism. The supporters of the Stop Un-Fair Campaign believe that to end racism, we must celebrate and embrace diversity, and that targeting white people, or any one race, “defaces” it.

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