This is a place for people of all races, creeds and colors to come together to join in the fight against racism, and with a common goal: to END the Un-Fair Campaign in Duluth, MN because of its divisive nature, as it persists in using negative stereotyping of all white people in its attempt to address racism, an issue that negatively affects us all.We believe that you simply cannot open a discussion on racism and hope to see it move in a positive direction when you raise the topic by stereotyping an entire race. It will be perceived as biased and accusatory. Instead of spreading love and togetherness, it spreads animosity and hate, teaches a new generation to point fingers and focus on the color of our skin instead of the idea that we’re all human, and we’re all in this together.Because the Un-Fair campaign has chosen to base their efforts on a racist stereotype, and more recently have decided that they wish to change the very definition of the word racist to include only white people, we can’t bring ourselves to support it, and there are thousands who feel the same.

Please join us. We will continue to stand tall against all racism, all the time. Never STOP standing up for what you believe in!

We’re so glad you visited our website. You are invited to explore our site and learn for yourself why the Un-Fair Campaign needs to STOP. To join in our ongoing discussion, join our Facebook group. For more information on how you can help stop the Un-Fair Campaign, go to our Join Us page.